Peyman Niroomand
Cent. Eur. J. Math. - 1, 9, 57-64 - January, 2011 - .
Publication year: 2011


Let L be an n-dimensional non-abelian nilpotent Lie algebra and s(L)=12(n1)(n2)+1dimM(L) where M(L) is the Schur multiplier of L. In [Niroomand P., Russo F., A note on the Schur multiplier of a nilpotent Lie algebra, Comm. Algebra (in press)] it has been shown that s(L) ≥ 0 and the structure of all nilpotent Lie algebras has been determined when s(L) = 0. In the present paper, we will characterize all finite dimensional nilpotent Lie algebras with s(L) = 1; 2.