M.Sc. Graduates

  1. Hakimeh Mir, Study of Kinetics and Mechanism of Naringenin Reaction with DPPH Radical in the Two-Component Mixtures of Water-Ethanol, Sep. 2013.
  2. Hamid Reza Moallem, Investigation of solvent effect on antioxidant property of some flavonoids in water- methanol mixture, Sep. 2014.
  3. Sedigheh Khosravinia,Thermodynamic Study on the Protonation of Some Antioxidant Compounds in the Two-Componet Solutions of Water-Etanol with Different Ionic Strenghs, Sep. 2015.
  4. Azam Jabbari, Investigation of Antioxidant Capacity and Kinetics of Bioflavonoids Naringenin and Hesperidin in Aqueous Micellar Solutions, Sep. 2015.
  5. Sedigheh Feizi, Study on solubility and preferential solbility of bioactive compounds, Quercetin, and Chrysin in binary solvent mixtures, Sep. 2015.
  6. Hamed Farhad Tooski, Study on solubility and preferential solubility of bioflavonoids naringenin and naringin in binary solvent systems, Sep. 2015.
  7.  Masoud Ghanimati, Kinetic and thermodynamic study on adsorption process some of the flavonoid pigments onto silica nanoadsorbent, Sep. 2016.
  8. Negar Khosravi, Thermodynamic study on temperature dependence of solubility and preferential solvation of flavonoid naringin in binary water-DMSO and water-isopropanol mixtures, Sep. 2016.
  9. Zahra Soltanpour, Study on temperature dependence of acid-base equilibria of two glycoside Flavonoids in mixed solvents, Sep. 2017.
  10. Farzaneh Teymoori, A physico-chemical study on the micellar effect on aqueous solubility and octanol-water partition coefficient of gemfibrozil and ibuprofen drugs, Sep. 2017.


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